Fans of Hajime Isayama's extremely popular Attack on Titan series have been waiting for a very long time. Since the first season of the highly-acclaimed anime concluded in 2013, fans have been clamoring for a second season of the anime. Alas, almost three years since Season 1 concluded, Season 2 was finally announced.

It might have taken a very long time, but Attack on Titan Season 2 finally has a definite release date. The new episodes of the anime would start airing on Spring 2017, which usually translates to around April in Japan. Considering that the manga has already gone forward significantly since the first season ended, Season 2 definitely has very big shoes to fill.

The events immediately following the end of Season 1 are among the most intense in the manga. While Season 1 already had numerous breathtaking moments, Season 2's events are definitely a notch above in terms of violence, intensity and nail-biting suspense. In fact, it is quite definite that Season 2 would feature two very important and very bloody battles between the Rogue Titan and the Armored Titan.

The Rogue Titan, which is summoned by protagonist Eren Jaeger, is arguably the wildest titan shifter in the series. On the other hand, the Armored Titan, which is summoned by another member of the Survey Corps, is the very epitome of deadly control and accuracy. In the manga, the two titans clashed twice, and each time, it became a brawl that would put the Rogue Titan and the Female Titan's final battle to shame.

What is particularly jarring about the battles between the two giants in the manga was the fact that within these two monsters lie people that Isayama has developed over the years. Indeed, when then two titans finally duke it out in all their bloody, intense glory on the screen, viewers would surely feel a bit of melancholy, as inside these raging monsters are two people who actually used to be comrades.

Attack on Titan did not become the behemoth of a franchise that it is today because it was pulling its punches. Indeed, through the course of the story, the realism and darkness were prevalent in every step of the way. Season 1 showed viewers that. Season 2 would prove it further.