It looks like Tiny isn’t letting cheating rumors get in between her and rapper T.I.’s marriage.

Tiny spoke on the claims and interestingly enough it was during an online battle with the stepmother of her daughter, Zonnique Pullins. The stepmother brought up the allegations of T.I. being seen around Atlanta and New York City with a popular hooker.

Tiny said, ““Yeah he was with a prostitute so they say. He gotta deal with that with God I ain’t worried…”

See it here.

She also stopped by new Fox series The Preachers earlier this week and gushed about being a “ride or die” woman for her husband after being together for 15 years.

“I was with him before he was T.I. He was trying to make it at the time and you know he had an album out but it didn’t too good; so he wasn’t really successful. When I got with him he grew, and he we grew together.”

She didn’t stop there. shared a cryptic message on Instagram amid all of the drama as well.

 “Know the difference between your standards and your preferences,” reads the quote from life coach Tony Gaskins. “What you prefer in a person may have nothing to do with who they are. Check their morals and values. Let their character speak for them.”

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 Despite what they are going through, it doesn’t look like T.I. and Tiny plan on splitting up anytime soon.

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