Presidential Cocktail Recipes for the 2016 United States Election [VIDEO]

As Donald Trump accuses President Barack Obama of founding ISIS, and sketchy donations from terrorist organizations are being accepted by the Hillary Clinton campaign, we are all sitting here wondering who the heck we can trust to lead the United States into a better future.

For the first time since Teddy Roosevelt's 1912 bid for president under the "Progressive Party," we might see a Third party candidate make waves. Libertarian Gary Johnson has stepped into the ring, and could potentially make the stage for debates as we near November elections.

We have an incredible amount of important information thrown at us at all hours of the day. Every minute, a breaking story seems to emerge, unveiling dirty secrets about each political party, and it's super stressful. Heavy topics such as securing our borders, creating jobs, and ending police brutality have all of us in need of an adult beverage.

What better way to welcome the most intense portion of our nation's election of a new president than with a few of our (current and recently departed) candidate's most favorite cocktail recipes?

Surprisingly, asking a presidential challenger what they prefer to sip on is not an uncommon question.

However, this absolutely bizarre 2016 race to become POTUS has offered some equally bizarre answers to that very question.

Hillary Clinton

When asked what Clinton prefers to drink after a long day as Secretary of State, she basically came out and said "I'll have what Bond's having." This leading lady prefers vodka over the traditional gin martini sipped by 007, but she does like hers "shaken, not stirred." We found a martini that offers a refreshing political twist on the Bond beverage: The Obamatini. Why not honor the entire Democratic Party with this delicious recipe?

Bernie Sanders

Although Bernie Sanders was unable to secure the Democratic nomination, we will never forget his encouraging honesty and pure intentions. It would be a crime to omit one of the most beloved candidates from this list. Sanders has been seen on several occasions sipping beer from his infamous home state brewery, The Alchemist. How could we not have guessed Sanders would be supporting small craft breweries after his many impassioned speeches about helping the "little guy?" Instead of sharing a longwinded explanation of how to brew a double IPA like the Heady Topper Sanders seems to enjoy, we decided to give you the warm-weather-appropriate Bernie Paloma.

Created by renowned Washington Bartender, Miguel Marcelino Herrara, this refreshing concoction pays homage to a man who truly represented a breath of fresh air earlier in the campaign season. In an interview with TIME Magazine, Herrara explains his inspiration: "In my language paloma means dove, and dove means soul... And Sanders truly has soul. When he speaks it's almost like he has a truly big holy spirit driving his ideas."

Finally, we come to our last two candidates: Republican Donald Trump and Libertarian Gary Johnson. In an ironic twist of events, it appears that neither of these two unlikely candidates drink alcohol. An article in the Washington Times quotes Trump saying, "If you don't drink and you don't do drugs, your children ... are going to have a tremendously enhanced chance of really being successful and having a good life." A huge factor in Trump's decision to abstain stems from the loss of his brother who died after years of alcoholism at age 42.

Johnson has the ears of Sanders supporters with his explanation of why he's avoiding booze. In an interview with the Daily Caller, Johnson explained, "For me when I smoked marijuana when I was 17 years old for the first time, the first takeaway was holy cow this is so much better than alcohol! There just doesn't seem to be a downside." Johnson has admitted to being an occasional, responsible consumer of marijuana- even while he's been on the campaign trail. You can take what you will from this information, but many would agree that a Bernie Paloma sounds like a very refreshing way to get our minds off of this 2016 "lesser of the two evils" race for president.


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