Picture this: You're sitting, surrounded by sample resumes and crumpled copies of all of the jobs you've applied to. At the end of all of the tabs open on your laptop, you have that sketchy pyramid scheme job offer that keeps spamming your inbox, and you're actually starting to consider it, when your phone rings.

"Hello?" you ask inquisitively, hoping this isn't another loan officer reminding you about those unpaid bills. "Hello Jane Doe, this is your new boss calling from Fashion Enterprises LLC! You're hired!"

You immediately hang up and Snapchat yourself dancing around the room to "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. After calling every single person in your contacts list, and posting that really inspirational Instagram post, reality starts to hit.

The boss wants you to start next week... What are you going to wear? You run to your closet and start rummaging through your still unpacked boxes of clothing from college. Bodycon dress: Nope. Eight pairs of sweatpants: No, and how did this happen? You panic. How are you supposed to channel Olivia Pope on your first day of work with no wardrobe and no money?

Have no fear, actress and fashion queen Mindy Kaling is here. In an interview with Yahoo Style, Kaling explains how she came to pull off high-end looks for less, "I had tweed separates from Reiss. I replaced the hardware on it and people thought it was a Chanel skirt suit, which I could never afford."

Kaling, lead actress in her own critically acclaimed show, The Mindy Project, plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a witty, self-deprecating, hilarious and incredibly fashionable OBGYN in New York City. Dr. Lahiri seems to have an outfit not just for every occasion, but for every moment. With a fully stocked closet in her office, she will often change ensembles between patients, usually with some sort of hysterical dating scheme in mind.

Her independent and successful character always manages to look stunning as she has mastered the art of mixing prints, colors and accessories while dominating in the workplace.

Although Kaling herself has given advice to look fabulous for less, her character wardrobe is quite pricey. Now, if you can afford it, you could probably stock your wardrobe directly from The Mindy Project Style website, which shares links to all of the original outfits.

But, if you're anything like the rest of the world, several very gracious fashion bloggers have taken it upon themselves to find cheaper pieces that almost mirror the perfection of a Dr. Lahiri ensemble.

Michelle Persad, Fashion Editor at The Huffington Post, put together a very important look book that explains the versatility of a shift dress. NYC, a city that experiences every season, can be an intimidating place to keep up with fashion-wise. Nonetheless, you will almost always find Mindy donning one of these adorable and versatile above-the-knee dresses. From daytime to date night, and winter to summer settings, Dr. Lahiri maintains her edgy and professional look by adding a jacket to stay warm or going sleeveless to keep cool. Either way, we can all agree that anything we can wear more than once and still look marvelous is a keeper.

To find out how to dress like our favorite TV doctor, our favorite place to go is this Pinterest Board, full of outfits and accessories to help you stand out in the best way without breaking the bank! For more outfit inspiration and some stress-relieving humor after a long day at the new job, make sure to catch the next season of The Mindy Project on Hulu, premiering Oct. 4!