Michael Phelps News: Swimmer's Live Chat Interrupted By McDonald's Chowing Roommates, Hilarity Ensues [VIDEO]

If his 23 Olympic gold medals weren't enough to impress Michael Phelps' fans, his ability to remain focused on them during a Facebook Live chat while his roomies chowed down on McDonald's right next to him may just do it.

Phelps, who has reiterated that the Rio games were his final appearance in the Olympics and he will not be competing in Tokyo in 2020, participated in a Facebook live chat with fans on Saturday while waiting to win his final medal in the Men's 4x100 medley relay alongside Ryan Murphy, Cody Miller and Nathan Adrian. And while he initially spent the time during the chat just talking to his fans, showing them around the room, and answering questions, things took a funnier turn when David Plummer and Jimmy Feigen walked in with bags of McDonald's from the restaurant set up in the Olympic Village and sat down next to him to eat their food.

Phelps remained committed to his chat however, throwing in a few jokes every so often of course about how his roommates were enjoying their food.

Watch the chat below.

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