'Ink Master' Season 8 Spoilers: New Contestant Reveals Special Skills & What Series Brings To Viewers [VIDEO]


One of the new contestants of Ink Master opened up on his excitement to join the series.

On Monday, Sun Sentinel posted a story on Dave Robinowitz, a tattoo artist from Boca Raton, who will compete on the reality series with 29 other artists. It's going to be a tough battle, but Robinowitz explained what it is about the series that can be helpful for viewers to notice.

"I feel that however silly it is or how dramatic it is, as long as tattooing is on TV, it's reaching other people and other people are accepting it," the artist said. "Tattooing also helps the normal person become a critic and have more of a critical eye and know what they're looking at. Tattooing is becoming more popular. [The show] is helping viewers becoming more informed and more knowledgeable about what's a good tattoo and what isn't."

One of the big skills for Robonowitz is the fact that he can get a tattoo done in a fairly quick amount of time, something that took practice.

"Working every day in a walk-in shop has built me to become very confident and very fast," he said. "With that sort of everyday work load, that made me a worthy competitor for the time constraints because a lot of the other artists take their time or they're slow and you have to get these big tattoos done in four hours."

When Robonowitz applied for the series, he sent in some of his work and then did a video interview. While that seemed likely, he was also required to see a head doctor.

"After that, there is a psychological evaluation," he said. "I went to see a psychiatrist and took a 300 question exam."

Ink Master Season 8 premieres on Tuesday, Auigust 23 at 10 p.m. ET on Spike TV.

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