Kaley Cuoco New Hairdo Explained [VIDEO]: Johnny Galecki Punched, Bruised Actress Face, Bangs Was Attempt to Cover Up [PHOTO]

Kaley Cuoco explained her new hairdo she debuted at the SAG Awards back in January. The Big Bang Theory actress sported funky bangs when she arrived on the red carpet and fans were not impressed with her new hairdo.

However, she explained her bizarre hairdo when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live last night. Her fake bangs were an attempt to cover up a huge black eye which was a result of her sitcom co-star Johnny Galecki (Leonard) who had inadvertently punched her in the face while rehearsing for a scene for the show.

The 27-year-old described that she and her onscreen love interest Galecki were supposed to be fighting for the scene but she and Galecki thought it would be funny to play a trick other cast members and crew by pretending to get into a real fight with the actress.

The prank went wrong when Galecki who was supposed to throw a fake punch actually threw a real punch and smacked the actress' face.

Cuoco told Kimmel: "They [the crew] thought I went under [the table] and sprayed blood on my face. I had cracked my head open and I had blood squirting down my face. I didn't even know. I had no idea."

She was floored by the punch and had a huge gash. Blood poured down her face and she later required six stitches.

Along with the stitches came a massive bruise, which she attempted to cover up with makeup and her new bizarre hairdo for the SAG Awards.

Fans and fashionistas alike did not approve of the new hairdo. Omg! described it as "fringey, face-framing, fake-looking bangs and straightened hair."

Cuoco told the late night show host: "It was really, really bad, so I decided to have the brilliant idea to get bangs. As you can see I don't have bangs so I had to get fake bangs. A bunch of [stylists] said 'let's maybe not do the bangs,' but I wanted to wear them because it covered my eye and I was really insecure about this huge black eye."

Cuoco admitted that her hairdo "was honestly the worst reviewed hair in history" and read out some of the negative comments she received online about her hair. 

Later on in the show she and Kimmel tied the bangs to helium balloons and released them off the roof of the Kimmel studios.

Watch Kaley Cuoco's interview with Jimmy Kimmel below:

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