Frankie Grande VMAs 2016: Reality Star Tries Being Taylor Swift, Twitter Reacts Harshly [VIDEO]


He may be the big brother of Ariana Grande and found some fame of his own when he appeared on CBS' Big Brother, but that doesn't mean people are loving seeing Frankie Grande try to get his Taylor Swift on during the VMAs.

The cameras panned to Grande in the audience several times within the show's first half an hour, and most often, he was out of his seat dancing awkwardly to performances by Rihanna and his sister with Nicki Minaj. And while he may have thought it would get him the kind of attention similar moves by Swift have gotten (she's often shown dancing awkwardly to fellow artists' performances during shows), his doing so inspired much of the opposite instead.

Those watching the VMAs took to Twitter to share their frustration that he was not only constantly dancing, but also shown so much as well.

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