If it seems like everyone's decked out in a choker, bodysuit and thigh-high boots, it's all because of Kardashians (and the Hadids and Chrissy Teigen.) Namely, it's all because of Monica Rose, the stylist behind the Kardashian-Hadid-Teigen aesthetic.

Rose is the stylist behind the choker-heavy, layered monochromes that's become ubiquitous with the "cool girl" look. It's part laid-back California vibes, part grunge and thoroughly sexy. If there's anyone that can make you look at neutrals in a fresh, cool way, it's Monica Rose.

It's not that Rose intended to revolutionize a neutral palette or make us look at a 90s essential -- choker necklaces -- in a different way. The stylist claims in an interview with InStyle that even though the Kardashians' style might look similar, it's specifically catered to each sister.

"I style my clients by tapping into what they're into at the moment, into their personalities,to create a signature look that's personal and authentic to them " Rose explains to Instyle. "It just so happens they all like the same thing!"

While Rose didn't reveal what's part of the Monica Rose look for fall, she did lend one juicy tidbit of information slip: her favorite new boots are no longer thigh-high.

"Right now, I'm into more of a calf boot with a chunky heel," Rose suggests. "It's cool, it's chic, and it's comfortable."

Rose's word is law: just last week, Kendall Jenner was photographed in a pair of blue velvet 3.1 Phillip Lim calf-length boots. Looks like the Rose effect is very, very real.

Don't be intimidated by the (okay, kind of awkward) height of the boot. Switch up Kendall's shorts with a pair of jeans instead, so it won't break up your leg and make you appear shorter. Dress them up by wearing with a drop-waist mini that'll make your legs look miles long.