New MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date: OLED Touch Bar, Apple Pencil Support, Q4 Release Date Confirmed [VIDEO]

The 2016 MacBook Pro is coming, and if the rumors about the device are accurate, the machine would most likely be Apple's best product in years. While the tech giant has been pretty tight-lipped about any information regarding the device, the rumors surrounding the 2016 MacBook Pro are very encouraging.

In fact, for all intents and purposes, it seems like the 2016 MacBook Pro would be a device with many distinguishing features from its predecessors.

2016 MacBook Pro OLED Touch Bar

The inclusion of the OLED Touch Bar for the 2016 MacBook Pro is something that has been going around in the rumor mill for quite some time. With leak after leak confirming the presence of the new feature, a new discovery found in the code of Apple's Pages app all but ensures the inclusion of the OLED bar in the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Apple Pencil Support

While a Force Touch trackpad is practically confirmed for the 2016 MacBook Pro, Apple fans are also speculating that the upcoming machine would have some form of support for the Apple Pencil. This could come in the form of a trackpad that supports input from Apple's proprietary stylus, which so far is only compatible with the company's two iPad Pro models.

TouchID Power Button

Numerous rumors are also alleging that the 2016 MacBook Pro would feature a number of nifty tricks, such as a power button that is equipped with the company's TouchID sensor, which has been in use for iPads and iPhones for the last few years. Doing so gives users of the 2016 MacBook Pro much convenience, as the device could easily be unlocked by the user's fingerprint.

USB Type-C Ports

Just like the 2016 MacBook, the 2016 MacBook Pro is also rumored to fully utilize the power of USB Type-C ports. Speculations further suggest that the machine would use the powerful ports both as a means to transfer data and to supply power to the laptop. With the device's moniker as Apple's flagship power laptop, numerous rumors state that the laptop would feature 2 or more USB Type-C ports.

2016 Macbook Pro Release Date

With Apple still quite mum about the device's official unveiling, speculations are high that the 2016 MacBook Pro would be unveiled sometime in October 2016. It is quite unlikely that Apple would mention the new laptop in its iPhone-centric September event, but there is a very big chance that the tech giant would conduct another massive launch for the very important 2016 MacBook Pro. 

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