Apple reportedly confirmed that its iTunes for both PC and Mac is being back as an application for music. Though the user can no longer have this feature to get iOS apps, still this got TV shows, podcasts, movies, and audiobooks.

With the latest report from The Verge, Apple released iTunes version 12. 7 both for Windows and macOS. But one of its significant changes is that the user no longer needs to sync applications or even ringtones to his iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

For users who previously utilized iTunes to sync applications or ringtones on their iOS devices, they can already use the new App Store or if not, the Sound Settings on iOS in order to redownload them even without using the Mac. Moreover, the company also assured that even if the apps and ringtones are no longer available for re-download, these can still be synced through plugging in the iOS device.

 Before, users can get a duplicate of the iOS App Store which was part of the iTunes previously but reports claimed that this has been removed permanently. For no reason at all, this has been removed from iTunes.

In the previous times, Apple has been receiving backlash over the bloated, jack-of-all-trades that iTunes has been known for. But with the latest update from the company, this seems to be at least one major step in streamlining iTunes and have it back to the original function of the application.

Apart from these mentioned, according to Apple Insider, the company is reportedly simplifying things in other aspects and this has something to do with the iTunes U content. It was reported that this iTunes U content is now part of the Podcasts section of the application. Moreover, the internet radio stations are also included in the sidebar of the music library already.

Because of this latest update or iTunes, Apple was able to accomplish to things like directing the users to the redesigned App Store available in iOS 11 which has a bigger editorial focus. Additionally, the company also was able to cut out the App Store which will bring the iTunes to the Windows Store.