Last September 2015, Google released its Nexus 6P and in its two years of existence in the market, the said device has great performance even if it is plagued by some issues. With the latest report, the company will replace the device with Pixel XL and even those which are no longer under the 1-year warranty.

Previous reports from GSM Arena claimed that owners of the device which is the Nexus 6P have been known to complain about ambit things like the sudden battery shutdowns or even worse than that. The good news from the latest report suggested that Google will let swapping of the defective device under warranty for a Pixel XL.

Reports also added that this is more of a good news for those who are living in the US or in Canada since they have the higher chance of swapping this Nexus 6P for a Pixel XL. In the said replacement, it was added that some users might receive 64GB model while some might get the 128GB version instead.

Then it appears Google is more than willing to replace defective Nexus 6P devices which do not qualify anymore for the 1-year warranty. This will be great news for Nexus 6P owner who needs to head on to support menu on their devices or on the Internet to access Google in order to start the replacement process.

However, despite the good news for the users, according to Android Guys, they need to remember that this only applies to Nexus 6P devices that were acquired through the Google Store. With this, if the user got the phone from somewhere else, his request will not be eligible and will not be entertained.

Prior to ending the smartphones back to Google, the Nexus 6P will get the replacement phones in a form of advance exchange. Then Google will conduct a pre-authorization on the credit card of the user that's why sending the handset back should not be disregarded so as not to receive additional charges too. Moreover, the replacement of the device depends on the region of the user with those in the UK aren't lucky enough.