Google To Launch Pixel 2 On October 4: Debuted New Marketing Campaign That Urges Viewers To Ask More

Google is said to be launching its Pixel 2 on October 4 since it was last year on the same date and month that the company launched the Pixel and Pixel XL. Moreover, the company also debuted a new marketing campaign and website which has the purpose of urging the viewers to ask more.

Aside from the Pixel 2 upcoming launching, The Verge reported that the said landing page is part o the company's subdomain then it also features the tagline: "thinking about changing phones?" Last year, Google released its first phones which were branded as out-and-out Google devices.

 The following year, Google seems set to return with its new generation of Pixel phones. With this, reports confirmed that the company is doing again its big marketing push from last year by making billboards teasing the upcoming event.

Some reports claimed that the "ask more" instruction seems to tease an improved and enhanced Google Assistant, a feature which might be included in the Pixel 2 and which presumably does more when the user ask it for more. But the company already released a teaser video and some leaks showing the features of the said upcoming device.

In the teaser video, Google threw some rhetorical questions to the viewers like some issues about phones that include the battery, limited storage, blurry photos, and broken and annoying phones. If these were to be observed, most of these were self-explanatory.

According to Ars Technica, the blurry photos question might suggest an optical image stabilization which might be incorporated in the Google Pixel 2 which the 2016 edition lacks. It can be recalled that Apple was able to manage to put the OIS on its iPhone X cameras as well as the HTC's U11. With this, Google wants to keep up in having that significant and major specification.

When it comes to the questions that point to hot, fragile and broken phones, Google might be trying to imply at the current trend of every device going for full glass covers on the front and back. Samsung was able to make it look very luxurious in its Galaxy S lines but this is fragile. With this, Google is up to something to reverse that trend in its Pixel 2 which will be a plus.

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