Demi Lovato Tweets About Wilmer Valderrama & Minka Kelly

I live for celebrity drama. I follow the Kylie-Tyga saga like they're distant cousins of mine, and the Drake-Rihanna romance is better than anything Nicholas Sparks could come up with. 

With that said, we really need to lay off Demi with the whole Wilmer situation.

I'm not a particularly big Demi Lovato fan. I like her, I think some of her songs are good and she seems funny in interviews. I think her friendship with Nick Jonas is adorable. In all, she's not someone I extensively follow, but I don't wish her any ill.

I admit when Demi and Wilmer broke up, I was pretty bummed. They seemed like one of the few Hollywood couples that might actually "make it," so their breakup was a bit of a shock. They were together six years -- six years! That's basically half a century in Hollywood time.

Their breakup certainly seemed amicable. As amicable as breakups go, anyway. So when news broke that Wilmer and ex Minka Kelly were seen together, I didn't make much of a big deal about it. Exes sometimes reunite! It happens! 

What made it a bigger story, however, was that Demi Tweeted that same day, stating: "You have to be capable of being honest with yourself before you can get honest with other people."

In all fairness, that Tweet could've been about Wilmer. I'm not discounting that option. But it could've also been about herself, about another friend, or about a restaurant that messed up her Seamless order. 

Yet, naturally, everyone assumed the Tweet could only be referencing one thing: Wilmer. 

Look, I'm as guilty as anyone for assuming a message, Tweet, Instagram or Snapchat is about me. I would spend hours texting friends, trying to over-analyze every Facebook status an ex would make after we broke up. What this does, however, is not give the space the person needs to move on. Additionally, it assumes that Demi, as a woman, is obligated to mourn her relationship and every vague statement she makes must be referencing her ex. Clearly, her mind must be consumed by her loss and therefore, everything she says must be in regards to him.

Give Demi some credit. The girl is an award-winning artist--I highly doubt she's silly enough to spend every moment mulling over her ex. Sorry Wilmer, but you're not that cute.

If that Tweet was about Wilmer, cool. If not, cool. Let's just try not to generalize Demi as a scorned woman--those generalizations do more than harm Demi; they feed the idea that all women turn into crazy ex-girlfriends. We're better than that.

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