Coffee Going Extinct By 2080

If you're anything like me, you're probably already on your second Venti of the day (and it's barely past noon.) My livelihood depends on the availability of coffee, and when I don't have one at four-hour-increments throughout the day, I get a little unhinged. 

Unfortunately for me, I might have to start seeking caffeine-fueled happiness elsewhere, because according to a report by The Climate Insitute, wild coffee is about to go the way of the dinosaurs in the next 64 years.

Turns out, climate change isn't just messing with the polar bears and penguins hanging out on ice caps. The rising temperatures around the globe will have a negative impact on the land used to grow coffee, and by 2050, that farmland size is predicted to be cut in half. The heat is also going to contribute to the rise of funghi that eat coffee plants. Basically, the cost of coffee is going to start increasing as supply goes down, making your Starbucks habit even more of a splurge.

Worse yet, the decrease in available farmland will have a huge impact on the 120 million people around the globe who's lives depend on the industry surrounding coffee production.

Maybe now is a good time as any to make the switch to tea.

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