'Teen Wolf' Season 6: Can't Miss Premiere Scene For Sydia Shippers! Read The Script Now [VIDEO]

Stiles and Lydia. The human and the banshee. Puppy love turned to irrevocable friendship.

The evolution of Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Lydia (Holland Roden) relationship is built into the DNA of Teen Wolf, and it will be this connection that keeps Stilinski's memory alive when the Ghost Riders come to town. Beacon Hills' latest wave of supernatural villains has the power to erase their victims from reality, and they will come for Stiles in the premiere.

Luckily, Lydia will be by his side when it happens.

Pulled from episode 1, "Memory Lost," the following script page shows the pair's nail-biting flight from Stiles' inevitable fate.

"They have something special," series creator Jeff Davis told Entertainment Weekly. "We decided that this is the place to show that they've gone from a simple crush to friends to something deeper."

Despite being Stiles' life-long friend, even Scott (Tyler Posey) won't be able to cling to his BFF's memory as long as the genius banshee. By episode 2, however, everyone from the Alpha to Malia (Shelley Hennig) will realize that something in not quite right.

"Almost immediately people will notice something missing, because Stiles is such an indelible part of Beacon Hills," Davis teased. "They each realize that something huge is missing in their life and they come to this eventual conclusion it might be a person."

Scott's pack will need to put on their thinking caps ASAP. Unlike previous Teen Wolf villains, the Ghost Riders aren't in town looking for power. The phantasmal cowboys are stuck, and they will continue to steal souls until someone finds a way to drive them out.

Find out what the future hold for Stydia when Teen Wolf returns to MTV this fall.

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