Hood By Air Collaborates With Pornhub


When I first got into writing about beauty, I expected fashion week to be A Big Deal. The first season I started going backstage, I thought I'd be blown away by makeup and hair wizardry, with innovation and artistry oozing through every crevice of those oft-overheated tents.

While I'm not jaded enough to be bored of NYFW just yet, I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed. After many seasons of seeing the same braids, the same smudged smokey eyes and dewy skin, I kind of felt like I've seen it all. In fact, when this September rolled around and NYFW came with it, I was dreading having to go backstage and cover yet another barely-there makeup look.

And then Hood By Air came along and threw convention out the window.

One of the label's sponsors was Pornhub, and the love letter HBA sent the porn site was infectious. Several models wore tees emblazoned with the Pornhub logo. It was weird at best, but the hair and makeup was where they totally lost me.

Models had wet, yet messy, slicked back hair, alongside globs of Vaseline smattered on model faces. Some had some in their hair. Use the most X-rated portion of your brain to imagine what that's meant to represent.

Well, you definitely can't call it boring.

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