Block Instagram Comments: How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Messages

Last year, I wrote an article on the pros of wearing real fur. It was, in my opinion, well-researched, well-reported and according to my editor, well-written.

Not everyone agreed.

Once the article went live (and subsequently posted on Facebook) I was handed a heavy helping of hater pie. My Twitter went rampant. My personal Facebook--which I'm not entirely sure how anyone found, to be totally honest -- was vandalized by PETA supporters.

My Instagram, however, took the hardest hit. My regularly-posted selfies, photos with friends and family and my two rescue pets, were utterly destroyed. The pics of my dog and cat were the worst off, with most commenters threatening to skin them alive burn them or kill them (isn't it great how hypocrisy works?). Someone even claimed to have reported me to the ASPCA, while some found the shelters I adopted them from, and reached out to report me for abusing them. Because of that, I actually had to forward the results of my dog's latest vet visit to her adoption agency, just to prove I wasn't starving or mistreating her.

I get that haters and crass commentors are everywhere, and the best you can do is ignore their tirades and block them swiftly and silently. No one knows this better than celebrities, who either followed that advice or ignore it entirely and fire back.

One thing celebs did have that we didn't was the ability to completely block certain words or phrases from appearing in their comments section entirely. Chrissy Teigen gave us a peek of the app and her banned words, ranging from "trump" to "colon."

Thankfully, the previously celeb-exclusive add-on is now available for us little folk. You now have the option to hide inappropriate comments, and list the words you deem so. You can use it to block out curse words, name-calling, or for me, my high school nickname.

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