I thought nothing would surprise me when Chipotle's involved, but this just floored me.

A 19-year old woman who was hospitalized with E-Coli after dining at Chipotle, isn't suing the chain for food. Rather, she wants something most 19-year-olds would kill for: free burritos.

OK, except when I get food poisoning, I refuse to even look at food that has the same color as the food that made me sick. One time as a kid, I had shrimp on a flight, and was so violently sick that I threw away one of my old Barbie dolls because her dresses looked a little shrimp-hued to me. It took me years to like shrimp again--isn't that a normal reaction?

Anyway, this woman got what she wanted: Chipotle sent her three dozen free burrito cards and an undisclosed amount of money. 

Just hope it doesn't make her stomach churn like last time.