It's hard to not feel bad for Paris. 

After losing her father in 2009, Paris Jackson has not had it easy. Between issues with her inheritance and a tumultuous relationship with her family, the 18-year-old attempted suicide in 2013.

She finally seemed to be in a better place the past few years, and started dating Michael Snoddy from the band Street Drum Corps. However, the cyberbullying hasn't stopped, and now, she posted a video documenting her rough time with the haters.

She starts off with saying how she doesn't understand "how there can be so much hatred in the world," and her various methods of battling the haters, be it by sticking up for herself or by ignoring and blocking. She admits to being "an easy target," too.

After her suicide attempt in 2014, she explains that she had to take a two year break from social media, only to make it public again after the request of fans. Nothing, however, has changed and Paris says she still gets a ton of hate.

Next, she brought up Sofia Richie, a friend of hers since they were 12, and explained how Justin Bieber's girlfriend is "one of the sweetest girls in the world, and people are telling her to kill herself."

Finally, Paris apologized for the video, and said she needed to get it off her chest for years.

I truly hope things start looking up, though, judging by the photoshoot she uploaded on Instagram with her boyfriend, things aren't so, so bad after all.