Guillaume Canet addressed his relatinoship with longtime girlfriend Marion Cotillard during a talk show earlier this week.

As rumors continue to link Cotillard to Brad Pitt, whose wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on Monday, Canet made an appearance on a French TV cooking show, where he was asked to name a vegetable that Cotillard hated.

After wrongly suggesting parsley, Canet joked, "I don't know her very well."

As The Mirror reported, Cotillard had appeared on the same show last week and revealed it was peppers which she "detests."

Canet and Cotillard have been dating since 2007 and have one child together, son Marcel Canet, 5.

Earlier this week, following months of rumors regarding an alleged on-set encounter with Brad Pitt, her co-star in Allied, a new report surfaced on Page Six, which suggested Pitt's wife, Angelina Jolie, had hired a private investigator who was allegedly able to confirm the relationship between Cotillard and Pitt.

"Marion and Guillaume are blissfully happy, and these kind of claims are not what Marion wants to be hearing," a source close to Cotillard's family told the Daily Mail on Tuesdsay. "Claims that she’s cheating on Guillaume with Brad will leave her absolutely devastated. This doesn’t sound like her at all."

"She enjoys her family time and wants to enjoy more of it," the source added. "All this fuss will be a huge shock to her."

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