Poor Gigi. After emerging from the Max Mara show with sister Bella and taking several selfies with fans, the model was attacked by a male stranger.

The stranger grabbed her from behind and had her up in the air. Gigi defended herself by elbowing him in the face to force him to let go. The prankster walked off, and Gigi's security guard held her back. Speaking of which, where was HE when this happened?

Naturally, a publication in the UK didn't approve of Gigi's reaction and instead of focusing on Gigi's brave reaction or the clear violation of personal space, the writer chose to focus on how Gigi didn't exhibit "model behavior" in that moment.

Gigi reacted in a perfectly rational, human way to being PICKED UP by someone SHE DOESN'T KNOW. If some stranger grabs me on the street, he wouldn't just be getting an elbow in the face and a few profanities slung his way.

Blaming Gigi enforces the mentality that a victim is to blame for her attack, no matter the nature. Gigi fought back, and is a positive example for doing so. What she did was brave and should be applauded. She did what we all should do--fight back.

The prankster, Vitalii Sediuk, has a reputaion for getting handsy with celebrities. He attempted to kiss Will Smith at a premiere (for which he was promptly slapped) and has stormed the Oscars stage. Regardless of who he is, he has no right to manhandle anyone, whether it's part of a gag or not.