Guess how many selfies you take in a lifetime. Go on, guess.

If you assumed that answer was in the thousands, you're totally right. Tens of thousands, actually. In fact, you're probably going to take upwards of 25,000 selfies in your lifetime. Insane, right?

Even better, selfies have a positive effect on your mood. According to a study from The Psychology of Well-Being, the act of taking photos -- yes, including selfies -- makes you happy. They also help you cope with stress.

However, not every selfie you take will be, in your opinion, entirely perfect. Here's how to ensure that every snap of your face is going to be #nofilter worthy.

Step away from SPF.

SPF when you know you're going to be outside? Great and absolutely necessary. SPF when you're headed to the club and know you'll be taking a zillion photos with the flash on? Super extra, and here's the thing: It'll leave a creepy white cast on your face and make it look like your low-key best friend is Casper.

Instead, go for an SPF-free (or a very low SPF) foundation. Wet n Wild just released a new PhotoFocus foundation that's meant to photograph beautifully in any light, and it's only $6! If you can't wait for the January launch, try Wet n Wild Coverall Creme.

Add a bit of volume.

As a blonde, I always get super bummed out when my hair hugs my scalp and makes me look like I'm, well, bald. A bit of volume goes a long way and can make you look less like a naked mole rat.

However, because most volume-building products are applied at the roots, they contribute a lot to build-up at your scalp. Start your volumizing routine in the shower with goodies like the Ouai Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Sure, they might be pricy, but they were developed by Jen Atkin, who's responsible for many a Kardashian, Jenner and Tiegen mane.

Don't forget your brows.

I'm the kind of girl that simply cannot go outside unless my brows are at least marginally #onfleek. They help set the stage for the rest of your look, so be sure to invest in a flawless pair (or at least fake your way to one.)

Try a badass brow pencil (I personally love the Nudestix Stylus Pencil) or at the very least, a brow gel to keep all those hairs in place.

Thank me later.