After spending a week trying to figure out who's behind Corey Haim's sexual abuse, his mother has finally had enough.

Judy Haim has told TMZ that she's tired of Corey Feldman talking to the press about the sexual abuse Corey Haim underwent as a child, and is willing and ready to pursue legal action. She even issued a cease and desist letter to Feldman back in July.

Conversely, a rep for Corey Feldman insists that he was trying his best to respect Judy and of Corey Haim's memory, but press continuously ask him about his friend. Judy would also have a hard time accusing Feldman of defaming her son, as he has already passed.

Last week, Radar Online ran an article about an "A-list" actor who has sexually abused Haim in the 80s. While names have not yet been revealed, Radar claims to have IDed the pedophile.

"Many people are coming forward to us with new information," Radar Online Chief Content Officer Dylan Howard told The Wrap. "And that’s beneficial for us to investigate."

Until then, all we can do is wait.