'Big Brother: Over the Top' Spoilers: Jason Quickly Becoming First Target As Two Sides Begin Forming [VIDEO]

The first Head of Household competition of the season began in the Big Brother: Over the Top house on Thursday, and it is continuing into Friday.

Houseguests: Alex Willett, Cornbread Ligon, Danielle Lickey, Jason Roy, Justin Duncan, Kryssie Ridolfi, Monte Massongill, Morgan Willett, Neeley Jackson, Scott Dennis, Shane Chapman, Shelby Stockton and Whitney Hogg

Fans got to see the HOH competition being played out live on Thursday. The competition began with the houseguests discovering a vial of blue liquid in the living room, with a card that said only houseguest could drink it. After some deliberation, Shane went up and downed the liquid. It was then that an announcement came over the intercom saying Shane had been infected and that he had to go to the Diary Room immediately!

When Shane came out, he was wearing a black shirt with a red bug logo on it. He read the rules of the HOH competition, revealing that he was out of the running because he caught "the bug." The rules stated that whenever an alarm goes off, the person with the bug has to "infect" another houseguest. This goes on until the only person left without being "infected" wins HOH.

This forced the houseguests to be strategic in who they spread the bug to, with the alliance of Alex, Monte, Shane and Whitney hoping to have someone in their group be HOH. Shane infected Danielle, who infected Justin, who infected Shelby, who infected Scott, who infected Neeley, who infected Kryssie, who infected Morgan, who infected Cornbread.

As of Friday morning, only Alex, Jason, Monte and Whitney are left uninfected. It is expected that Cornbread will infect Jason when the alarm goes off, which pretty much leaves Alex, Monte and Whitney to decide which among them should be the HOH, depending on who Jason infects.

This alliance seems intent on targeting Jason first due to his popularity outside the house and his veteran status. They've also discussed targeting Kryssie if this doesn't work out.

Meanwhile, Jason, Kryssie, Justin and Shelby formed a tight bond Thursday night, with Scott as their fifth person. They decided to call themselves the OTT Jamboree. It seems that two sides have already formed in the house, with the "misfit" Jamboree group going against the Southern-leaning "pretty people" group of Alex, Monte, Shane, Whitney, Cornbread and Morgan. It's not really clear if Neeley is aligned with anyone.

The HOH competition will last until 4 p.m. ET on Friday.

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