While last night’s debate was certainly far less dramatic than the first, it certainly brought out the fighter in both. Donald Trump managed to stay relatively calm throughout the entire exchange, while Hillary Clinton was visibly irritated by her opponent.

There’s no clear-cut winner for this debate (at least not quite like last time,) but Hillary was able to land some serious punches at Trump, starting with #p****gate.

Here are our favorite HRC quotes from last night:

On Trump’s misogynistic video: “I have been saying since June, that Donald Trump is not fit to be our president."

When Trump interrupted her, yet again: “OK, Donald. I know you’re into big diversion tonight, anything to avoid talking about your campaign and the way it’s exploding and the way Republicans are leaving you. But let’s at least focus."

On her specific tax plans: “I’m sorry I have to keep saying this, but [Trump] lives in an alternative reality."

On Trump’s birtherism: “He owes the president an apology. He owes our country an apology."

When she properly attributed Michelle Obama: “When they go low, you go high."

On the only thing she respects about Trump: “I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and that says a lot about Donald.”

Sick burn, HRC.