'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 62 Spoilers: Trunks Reaches God-Ki False Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta Debuting New Transformation? [VIDEO]


The previous episode of Dragon Ball Super was one for the books. With the battle against the villains tipping against their favor once more, Future Trunks ended up debuting a new Super Saiyan form that has never been seen before. With this, fans of the franchise have never been as excited.

The recent episode of Dragon Ball Super was one of the most intense in the series so far, with Black Goku and Zamasu revealing everything there is to know about them. Apparently, the two villains are both Zamasu, with Black Goku simply being the apprentice Kaioshin from an alternate world.

With the blessing of the Super Dragon Balls, however, Zamasu proves to be invincible. So invincible, in fact, that he makes quick work of Son Goku, who was already in his Super Saiyan Blue form. In one of the darkest scenes in Dragon Ball history, Black Goku and Zamasu show Son Goku how they killed his wife and young child in an alternate timeline.

If that was not enough, the villains further added salt to the wound by telling Future Trunks that if he had not saved Goku from the heart virus way back in Dragon Ball Z, Black Goku mighty have never been created. While this notion is quite flawed in literary terms, these nonetheless made Future Trunks angry. Very, very angry.

Eventually, the battle-weary Saiyan's rage reached a breaking point, and from pure, unadulterated anger, Future Trunks transforms into a form that has never been seen before. His hair is still golden, much like his Super Saiyan 2 form, but he exudes God Ki and Blue Energy. With his look in mind, it appears that he has transformed into some form of False Super Saiyan Blue with God Ki.

Numerous fans pointed out that Future Trunks' transformation in the recent episode is very similar to the ultimate form of Broly, one of the franchise's most popular villains who was, unfortunately, non-canon. With Trunks' new transformation, however, it appears that the anime is going to make the legendary Super Saiyan form debuted by Broly official.

With Vegeta still in the fight, it is highly likely that he wouldn't allow his son to take all the credit for killing Black Goku and Zamasu. Plus, with the villainous duo admitting to crimes that are beyond reproach, there is also a good chance that Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 would debut something equally new for the Saiyan Prince. 

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