'Dragon Ball Super' News: Goku's Virgin Lips Have Fans Losing Their Minds [VIDEO]


Within the intensity of the continually escalating Future Trunks arc, a bombshell of a revelation was dropped in Dragon Ball Super. While the revelation was not really that relevant to the Black Goku-Zamasu threat, it nonetheless sent avid fans of the anime shaking their heads in disbelief.

Apparently, Goku and his longtime wife Chi-Chi, have never even kissed. Yes, that's right. The two might have created Gohan and Goten, but apparently, the long-married couple has never locked lips.

The revelation happened in Episode 61 of Dragon Ball Super, when Future Trunks kissed Mai in order to save her life. While Son Goku and Vegeta were watching, Goku fondly remarked that he has never kissed anyone in his life.

True to form, the revelation surprised Vegeta, who is also a married man. After Goku asked the Saiyan Prince if being married is somehow related to kissing, an exasperated Vegeta decided to drop the topic.

While this fun revelation is not really that unexpected, considering Goku's relatively casual approach to having a family, it is nonetheless exciting. After all, Goku and Chi Chi have been married for decades. Their son, Gohan, after all, is already a grown man with his own family.

Fans have been quick to weigh in on this fun revelation, with many pointing out that Dragon Ball has always been an anime about fighting and getting stronger. Thus, themes of love and kissing scenes have never really been a priority in the series.

However, as much as this is true, the anime has also shown heartwarming scenes of proud warriors retiring from the battlefield to focus on their family. Gohan is an excellent example of this, and Vegeta himself is even better.

As could be noted by Vegeta's extreme anger towards Black Goku, his rage against the villain was incited because Black killed his wife in the future. As for Goku and Chi-Chi, however, it seems like writers of Dragon Ball Super have some explaining to do.

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