'Clash of Clans' News: October Update Coming This Week? Supercell Drops Massive Hints [VIDEO]


Clash of Clans players have been teased with a massive update to the highly popular game for months. Since the announcement for the update was released a couple of months ago, players have been eagerly waiting for any word regarding the release date of the much-hyped patch.

While Supercell has not revealed the actual date when the update will be rolled out, the developer did mention that the highly anticipated patch would be released very soon. In fact, according to a Supercell staff, the update might see a release sometime within the next few days.

This timeline has notably gotten Clash of Clans fans excited. After all, the upcoming October patch is, at least from the sneak peeks that Supercell recently released, one of the biggest updates that will ever be rolled out in the game.

Among the changes to the mobile strategy title that were teased by Supercell is the introduction of new units, new structures, new game modes, and new balancing changes. One of the most notable of these, of course, is the introduction of the Bomb Tower, a new type of defense structure that is specifically created to address spam attacks.

Balancing changes to the game's most popular units will also be implemented, with Level 6 Wizards getting a buff in HP and damage. P.E.K.K.A.s, one of the game's most popular units until it was completely rendered useless by the Hidden Tesla, is also getting its fangs back.

Another thing that the update will implement is a couple of huge features, New Army Training and Quick Train, changes which embody what fans of the game have been requesting for a very long time.

Supercell has always been a hands-on developer, checking in with its user base frequently in order to tailor-fit the game according to the players' requests. Thus, the changes that will be implemented in the October update are composed of modifications to the game that fans have been requesting for years.

The October update to Clash of Clans cannot come any earlier. 

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