It's been two weeks since we've seen or heard anything from Kim Kardashian's camp. Save for a few blurry paparazzi shots of her in a hoodie and trainers, Kim has virtually disappeared off the face of the Earth, and that's utterly terrifying. No matter how much anyone might dislike her, a world without Kim K is just super weird.

According to sources close to Kim, it looks like she has "zero desire" to return to her "old life." She's also "withdrawn," according to People magazine. 

The mother and reality star also moved back to Kris Jenner's home during this time. Kanye, who's currently on tour, regularly flies back to LA to be with his wife and kids.

Kim hasn't made any public appearances in two weeks, nor has any plans to make any in the future. On her private outings, she's accompanied by a bodyguard. She also doesn't interact with any fans that might spot her and avoids being photographed.

Here's hoping Kim will start reappearing soon.