TWD Season 7 Episode 2: Who survived Negan's attack?


After the premiere of the first episode of "The Walking Dead" for its 7th season. All the viewers are much more excited on the upcoming episodes of the popular TV Series.

The second episode of the series for its new season will be aired on October 30, but according to some reports, Fox International accidentally aired the teaser for the second episode.That is the reason why it has leaked over the Internet earlier than the target released date.

According to a report from INDEPENDENT, Fox International accidentally played the promotional video clip intended for the second episode. On that video clip, the fans can see that the character of Daryl is still alive as is Rick Grimes but he said he's not in charge anymore Negan is.The new villain Negan is also seen in the video talking to Rick Grimes saying that Grimes work for him. 

On the previous episode, Abraham and Glenn brutally. Because of this horrifying scene, many fans of the TV Series conclude that some of their favorite characters will be out the show. 

The second episode is titled "The Well" on that episode of the series they will introduce new characters as the setting of the episode is a well-established community, these details are based on the report of YIBADA

Another new community will be introduced on the second episode and it is called Kingdom. The new community is led by Ezekiel. Episode 2 of the "Walking Dead" Season 7 will have 76 minutes runtime and according to AMC the creators of the series. This episode will be one of the longest and the viewers will surely love it. Meanwhile, AMC recently signed a new contract with Fox International for the airing of the Walking Dead Season 8 in the near future and the fans will definitely wait for that new season. 

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