Deadpool 3, in the works? X-Force team to be introduced! [VIDEO]

20th Century Fox is one of the country's leading film distributor and production firm. For many years they had been producing a lot of  blockbuster Hollywood movies and one of those movies is "Deadpool". "Deadpool" is a movie written by Rette Reese & Paul Wernick.

"Deadpool 2" is in the process despite some production setbacks. But just recently, there are speculations that 20th Century Fox is planning for another sequel of "Deadpool".This news is trending online these past few days.

According to a report posted by SlashFilm,despite the setbacks on filming "Deadpool 2", 20th Century Fox is looking ahead for "Deadpool 3" and is considering the idea of introducing the X-Force team in this future "Deadpool" sequel. 

The creators of the movie are searching for a filmmaker who will give them a fantastic storyline that would be a perfect fit for the inclusion of the "X-Force" in the movie. "Deadpool" lead star and co-producer Ryan Reynold is very vocal about his dream movie project that will include the "X-Force" characters. 

Other reports posted by IGN said that "X-Force" is superpowered mutants that are more mature and edgy than the "X-Men". These team of mutants is led by Cable,the son of Cyclops. "Deadpool 2" is focusing on Cable 's character and having difficulties on choosing the actor who will portray the role is one the reasons why Tim Miller left the directorial post for the movie.

"Deadpool" is one of the biggest movies of 2016, especially in the comic book-based films category. Fans who are so into the hilarious story of Deadpool will be very excited to watch "Deadpool 2" and its future 3rd installment, "Deadpool 3". This future movie from 20th Century Fox will surely be included on the list of Hollywood blockbuster movies and will absolutely be one of the favorite films under the superhero/Rated-R genre.

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