Madonna joined other celebrities who expressed their grievance online regarding the election of Donald Trump in the US presidency seat.

Madge took an artistic twist and posted a videoclip which she entitled "Fight for the Right to be Free"  on Thursday, a move that followed after the songstress previously joined protesters in New York City after the election results were released. She has been a staunch supporter for Hillary Clinton in the entire election season.

According to Perez Hilton, the video is a collaboration of the Queen of Pop and director Steven Klein. The video shows a montage of scenes of a dancer who looks Asian and who sit beside a Black American person. Then, it flashed another image showing police brutality and then returned to the dancer who seemingly struggles in expressing his thoughts. In the entire clip, Madge voice can be heard in the background as she calls people to unite and stand for freedom. Her teary-eyed face can be seen before the clip ended.

A more graphic and violent-laden video was posted in Steven Klein's face with the Queen of Pop, in skimpy clothes and a pair of stilettos, struts across the floor and gun down every person that she feels like killing. The video's black-and-white atmosphere added to its surreal atmosphere.

Aside from Madonna, Katy Perry, Chelsea Handler, Macklemore, Christina Applegate, Todrick Hall and Holland Taylor also talk to social media airing their disappointment for the majority's decision to elect Donald Trump, ET Online reported.

As Macklemore posted on Instagram, he was 'disappointed, shocked and shaken at my core' for the unexpected turnout of the election saying that his family had prepared for a win for Hillary. 

Holland Taylor did not exactly spell out Trump's name in her Tweet but implicitly made a comparison between 'an incompetent' and an "extremely competent woman."

Steven Seagal, a fervent Donald Trump supporter, on the other hand, talked about congratulating his presidential bet.

Meanwhile, Heatstreet remembered that Donald Trump had actively participated in one of Madonna's auction to raise funds for the Malawi Foundation in 2008. At that time, Trump bid USD 120,000 that entitled him and his spouse, Melania Trump to a luxurious trip to Paris including a lavish tour of the famous Chateau Latour vineyard. During that trip, the couple then joined actress Salma Hayek and her husband, the French billionaire François-Henri Pinault for a meal.