One of the subjects of Netflix's Making a Murderer is being released from prison.

Brendan Dassey, who was imprisoned in 2007 alongside his uncle, Steven Avery, for the murder of Teresa Halbach, is set to walk a free man. U.S. Magistrate Judge William Duffin, who had previously overturned Dassey's conviction, ordered on Monday that the now 27-year-old be set free under supervision.

It's not clear at this time when Dassey will be released or if the decision could be appealed by the State of Wisconsin. Dassey's dealings with the law were captured in Netflix's docuseries Making a Murderer. The series focused on how Dassey may have been manipulated into admitting fault in the murder of Halbach, against his better judgment.

Making a Murderer filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos spoke about Dassey's conviction being overturned in September, admitting that they would be filming the Wisconsin native through this experience.

"This is just part of the process," Demos said. "This is justice at work and we will continue to document that. It's a very trying time for all the families involved on both sides to continue to have this unresolved and ongoing, but that's sort of how justice works, so we'll continue to follow it."

The State of Wisconsin previously appealed the ruling, with Attorney General Brad Schimel speaking on their reasoning.

"We believe the magistrate judge's decision that Brendan Dassey's confession was coerced by investigators, and that no reasonable court could have concluded otherwise, is wrong on the facts and wrong on the law," Schimel said. "Two state courts carefully examined the evidence and properly concluded that Brendan Dassey's confession to sexually assaulting and murdering Teresa Halbach with his uncle, Steven Avery, was voluntary, and the investigators did not use constitutionally impermissible tactics."

Meanwhile, Avery remains in prison, having been dealt a life sentence. His new attorney, Kathleen Zellner, is working to prove Avery's innocence, which is also set to be documented in season 2 of Making a Murderer.

Making a Murderer season 2 does not yet have a release date, but you can watch all 10 episodes of season 1 on Netflix now.