"NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 Episode 8: Owen Granger has cancer; Investigating team has new mission

"NCIS Los Angeles is one of America's top-rated television series.The show is now on its 8th season and will be airing its 8th episode entitled "Parallel Resistors". This upcoming episode of the series is as action packed episode just like the previous one. 

In a report posted by International Business Times, the latest episode of the show, the fans will see that Kensy Blye and Marty Deeks are still recovering from the  challenge they faced when Kensy suffer from a spinal injury.

On the previous episode, Marty proposed to Kensy,but Kensy does not want to be unfair with Marty. She is thinking that she would be a burden to his fiance because of her injury. Marty wants to take care of Kensy but he doesn't have any idea on what more he can do as for her fiancee have a lot of fears in mind.

In this episode of the show, Owen Granger will find out that he has cancer and he is seeking for doctors who can help him in his treatment. The only person in the team who know his situation is their superior Hetty Lange because Owen does not want to talk about his sickness with other people. 

According to another report posted by TVOM, another highlight of the show will be the new mission of NCIS investigating team.Their new case is about the DOD  funded missile attack and their greatest asset in solving the case is a 12-year old progeny. While the team is teaching the child to think out of the box,she will show them that innovation is needed for a better future. Her name is Nadia. Nadia is the daughter of Yuri Yolnev,a worker in DOD who happens to be one of the victims of the missile attack.

While investigating the case, the team of Agent G. Callen will also discover that Nadia is also investigating the incident that put his father in a worse medical state. The NCIS team consider that the child of the victim would be the perfect witness who can really help them to solve the case.

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