Many American Idol season 12 fans want to replay the moment when the American Idol 2013 winner was announced Thursday night and will likely keep in their memories the reaction of Candice Glover after she heard her name.  

Glover's first reaction was to hug the runner up, Kree Harrison and was soon overcome by tears. Her family, seating in the audience at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California, jumped from their seats in celebration as the 7,000 in attendance at the venue erupted in cheers.

Her fellow contestants ran to the center of the stage to hug her and share the much anticipated winning moment.

Glover didn't say much. 

"I can't even... Oh my god! three years..." she said.

Glover's vocals always stood out throughout the competition. She received praises repeatedly from judges Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson who acknowledged her as the singer with the best vocals in Idol history.

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