Heather McDonald Podcast: 'Chelsea Lately' Comedian Moves To Wondery's 'Juicy Scoop' [VIDEO]


Heather McDonald, formerly of E!'s Chelsea Lately, is currently hosting her own podcast series on Wondery, Juicy Scoop, and days ago, she participated in an email interview with Enstars.

Each week, McDonald is joined by today's hot celebrities and reality stars for what is always (and not at all surprisingly) a hilariously entertaining conversation. Lucky for us, she took some time out of her busy schedule as one of today's top comedians to chat about her past with Chelsea Lately and the future of her new series.

Enstars: Looking back on your time on Chelsea Lately, what was your favorite part of the show?
Heather: The comradery with the other comedians, both the ones I wrote with and ones I regularly did the roundtable with.

Enstars: Your least favorite part?
Heather: Like any working mom, sometimes I missed out on my kids' events or milestones in their lives. Moms always feel guilty about missing anything involving their kids.

Enstars: Following your time on the show, what were your future career goals?
Heather: My goal after leaving Lately, and continues to be, building my career as a headlining standup comedian. I'd also like to one day have my own talk show.

Enstars: When did you first become interested in hosting Juicy Scoop?
Heather: When the show I did on TLC (All About Sex) was cancelled. (Heather's laughing saying this)

Enstars: Did you have any hesitation?
Heather: There wasn't any hesitation because I didn't feel any pressure from it. I honestly didn't think anyone would listen. I was surprised how many people listened at the start and continue to listen.

Enstars: Who has been your favorite guest this far and why?
Heather: I have different types of guests on any given show, so I would have to saw my favorite reality star was Dina Manzo from Real Housewives of New Jersey and my favorite comedian is Jo Koy. Dina told me a lot of juicy scoop behind the scenes of the show that she had never told anyone before. Jo is a friend and just a hilarious person- we have great chemistry and can improv some of the craziest scenes together.

Enstars: Who would be your dream guest?
Heather: Madonna! Years ago I saw her on Oprah and told myself I was going to interview her some day.

Juicy Scoop was launched last year and recently made the switch from PodcastOne to Wondery.

For more of Heather McDonald, check out her weekly podcast, Juicy Scoop, on Wondery.

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