Craziest Fads of 2016: From Pokemon Go To Hatchimals & Mannequin Challenge, The Biggest Crazes To Hit The Scene This Year [PHOTO]


There are always things every year which cause people to go crazy and wild, fads which come and go quickly, but definitely stick out and are never forgotten by the people who got seriously into them.  

2016 had a fair share of fads and crazes that people seemed to lose their minds over-here are the 6 biggest ones to drive people crazy throughout the year: 


The trend has been around for awhile, but it became a bigger craze this year after Michael Phelps debuted marks from the treatment while competing in the Rio Olympics over the summer. Other celebs who tried the treatment this year included Lea Michele, Kim Kardashian and Kaley Cuoco. 


If you're not a parent or working in retail, you may not have heard of these, but they were the biggest trend this holiday season. The toy has hardly been able to be kept on store shelves, and parents line up outside stores that sell them every day. The toy, which requires users to care for it in order to hatch it, has been sold out.  

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits 

Fans everywhere wanted lips like Kylie Jenner's, and the starlet knew exactly how to market her famous lips-through kits (20 total)-which can supposedly give fans the same plumped effect.  

Mannequin Challenge 

This craze has taken over social media in the last few months, with everyone from celebrities to pretty much anyone else posting videos of themselves doing it. The 'Challenge" consists of freezing in front of the camera for a certain amount of time until someone says "Challenge completed."  

Pokemon Go 

This app proves to bring about a resurgence of the Pokemon craze from the 90s, only this time, players didn't swap cards. The app encouraged users to get up, get outside, and interact with others as they tracked down Pokemon characters. However, the craze also led to outcry as well, as those who were not playing the game were left dealing with enormous crowds, and some places even placed specific restrictions on when and where those playing the game could go to look for characters.  

Rainbow Bagels 

Food trends are always fun because it can bring some creative (and seriously delicious) delights into our lives. One of the biggest in 2016 was none other than rainbow bagels. Exactly as they sound, these bagels consisted of multi-colored dough all swirled together into one bagel.  

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