‘The Crown’ Season 2 Spoilers: Claire Foy Reveals A New Entire Cast Coming, Teases Fresh Original Story

More than a month since the biopic drama led by Claire Foy ended; fans are now waiting for the release of The Crown Season 2. However, viewers may be in for a lot of surprise as the 32-year-old actress revealed that the second installment will have an entirely new cast.

It has been known that the Netflix original series covers an entire era from 1947 to 1955, thus it is not impossible that the second season would have a new cast, according to Harper's Bazaar. In fact, Foy revealed that the streaming network is about to get rid of her after two seasons.

"They're getting rid of all of us. I don't [know] how they're planning on doing it, but they're such an incredible bunch of directors and producers that it's gonna be different and exciting," Foy said in an interview with Vulture.

However, it is not yet revealed if The Crown Season 2's producers would still have the original cast. Their other option is to use prosthetics to make Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby look aged.

Moreover, Foy also revealed at the recent Golden Globe nominations that the second installment of the biopic series is now being filmed. But the Wolf Hall actress added that it is a little weird that they are all separated while in production.

"We're all in little units. I can't wait to get back together again and for us all to be in one room and have a catch-up," Foy said. However, in spite of the changes, she noted that The Crown Season 2 will start where it left off, thus fans will not witness a lot of time gap; although they are once again to feature a decade of the story.

Foy also teased that The Crown Season 2 is going to be different and exciting and will be another original story. "I can't wait to see where it goes. I'm so honored to have been involved at this stage. I couldn't be happier really," Foy explained.

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