Naruto has been told in a number of different versions and fans all supported the manga series' stories. In the coming 2017, supporters of the Japanese manga by Masashi Kishimoto will be treated with a new Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as announced at the 2016 Jump Festa event in Japan.

The new legend was announced with its creator Kishimoto along with the show's voice stars started with Boruto voice actress Yuuko Sanpei and Uchiha Sarada voice actress Kokoro Kikuchi. Also, Mitsuki voice actor Ryuichi Kijima and Naruto voice actress Junko Takeuchi were there at the event.

However, additional details about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have yet to be revealed. According to Saiyan Island, the new series might explore the story of the Boruto manga series. It is set to be aired on the Japanese TV station, TV Tokyo, as its first ever trailer is also now released.

Meanwhile, Crunchyroll noted what the voice stars of the new Naruto series have to say about the show. Sanpei revealed that it is a dream come true to be part of the program and fans should out watch out what will happen to the world of Boruto.

Moreover, Kikuchi said that he is excited to learn that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will be made and more thrilled knowing that he will be part of it. "I'm once again reminded of how much of a masterpiece NARUTO is. I hope to contribute to Konoha's amazing history in an honest and careful way," he explained.

Kijima described that Naruto and his friends have shared different stories of friendship, love and a different kind of bond that it created among itself and with its audience. With that, he hopes that he can perfectly play his role and the connection with their viewers.

Lastly, Takeuchi confessed that he has been watching Naruto for 15 years and knowing that the manga series is going to end; it brings him sadness and happiness at the same time. "Boruto has been passed the torch, and they will surely give us more to see as they grow up. It's Naruto's children's turn to tell their stories," he added.

These voice stars are all inviting Naruto fans to watch and support them in the coming Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.