Why didn't Kanye West turn up at the Kardashian and Jenner Christmas party? Rumors whisper that Kim Kardashian had banned him from the celebration, as she did not want to experience his tantrums. Observers say that she had attended the party without her wedding ring either. Is she getting ready to file for divorce from him?

Inside sources claim that Kim had told him to keep away from their party, as she did not want to have to deal with his theatricals in front of her family, according to Celebdirty Laundry. As she did not want him to lose his cool, she told him not to attend their get-together and work up his anger in front of her family and children.

Still, Kanye did turn up at the party much later, according to People magazine. It was on Christmas Day that they celebrated at Kourtney Kardashian's house with their children, North, 3, and Saint, 1, as well as the family, before they returned to their Bel Air home on Sunday night.

The couple did present a compatible front for their children before Christmas. Last Friday, they dropped into a show of 'The Nutcracker' with their three-year-old daughter North West at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. But although they put up a united front, they both looked tense and did not speak much.

Things seemed to deteriorate further when Kanye absented himself from their Christmas party. He didn't feature in the Kardashian's Snapchat and Instagram photos.

So far, there have never been any statements about the Christmas holiday on the social media. It is not clear whether Kanye was all by himself or if he spent the festive season with friends.

The couple seems to be poised for a split. Like other divorces of this year, it is clear that Kim will fight to take over complete custody of the couple's two kids, North West and Saint West, if the two do decide to file for a divorce.

The fight for the children from his end will also be heavy, as he wouldn't let her take their children. He might just end up throwing all the mud on her if he is dumped.

Things are getting quite ugly between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Will they get back to being what they once were? It doesn't look like that. Not ever again.