'New Girl' Season 6 Episode 11 Spoilers: Schmidt and Cece Poised To Leave The Loft [VIDEO]

Fans can look forward to the coming week, in order to welcome the "favorite gang". It's going to be the lot: Jess, Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt, Cece and Winston (Lamorne Morris). They are all to feature in the 2017 debut for the January 3 episode, Raisin's Back.

Some revealing facts from New Girl executive producer Brett Baer were interesting. He said that the characters in the production are developing.

"There are some possible promotions coming along," said Baer, according to EW. "Jess is going to become principal, and Schmidt is going to have some professional success at some point."

Hence, it's Jess who will become the principal, according to International Business Times. Insisting on James Wonder, she is firm that she will not be cornered by the Parents' Council. Her decision is to be a "principal for the kids, not the parents."

A new beginning will be made as Schmidt and Cece start their married life. It is possible that they would soon leave their loft and shift to a newly bought house. Winston, meanwhile, will get back with Aly (Nasim Pedrad). She has just returned from her Quantico training.

Nick, a bit laid back, will finish his book. He is thrilled that Reagan (Megan Fox) will read it. As he is becoming mature and fulfilling his passion for writing, he is also interested in hearing what Reagan has to say about what he wrote. That is important and could put them into a "make or break" situation.

A lot more of Reagan after the Christmas Eve Eve return can be seen. She will soon move in with the crowd on New Girl Season 6, Episode 11. As Schmidt and Cece take off, there will be a couple of vacancies available.

New Girl is expected to set the new year on fire with its plot twists and turns.

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