Samsung Electronics has been reported to be working on with a new smartphone. Named as Samsung Galaxy X, the said device is anticipated to feature foldable screen and is slated to be unveiled on third quarter of 2017.

WCCFTech has learned that the codename of Galaxy X is reportedly Project Valley. Some talks suggest that Samsung Electronics is anticipated to release a total of two foldable display handsets, with one appearing in 2017.

At first, it was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy X might be unveiled during the MWC 2017 trade show or possibly shortly after that. But then it seems that these months will be secured for the Galaxy S8.

Nevertheless, the Q3-Q4, 2017 announcement date might actually crash with the Galaxy Note 8. With this, it seems that there isn't much room left for Samsung since the publication of the device might take away some the spotlight from the rest of the smartphones.

When it comes with the specs and features, Samsung Galaxy X is supposed to feature a book-like form as it might be equipped with foldable display that is flexible enough to turn into an actual book.

Furthermore, Android Headlines reported that the foldable screen of Samsung Galaxy X will be equipped by OLED display having 4K pixel resolution. This smartphone is also expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 835 chip, which is anticipated to be seen under the chassis of quite a few premium smartphones this year.

It can be remembered that a patent filling by Samsung last year showed that a smartphone was being developed by the company and it will arrive sporting fully foldable body. As a matter of fact, based on patent filing with the USPTO, the users will be capable of folding the smartphone at various different angles. The South Korean tech company has showcased its first-ever flexible display several years back.

Samsung is rumored to release two foldable smartphones this year and the first one which is dubbed as Samsung Galaxy X might be unveiled around third quarter of 2017. Nonetheless, the tech giant hasn't uttered any word yet but it is anticipated to spill all the information soon.