There have been a lot of anticipations about the Avengers: Infinity War since Marvel has been tight-lipped about the movie. But during a casting, it was revealed that Infinity War will be featuring new alien race. Also, Vin Diesel confirmed that Groot and Hulk are slated to clash on the film.

According to Fab Newz, a recent casting call for Avengers: Infinity War has exposed that the film will be having a new alien race. But then, there is no ample information about the aliens, so it is still a question if the aliens will be opposing the Avengers or partnering with them. As for the casting of the aliens, slender people were called and they will have to be between 18-50 years age bracket and agreeable to have their faces and bodies tinted and also willing to wear prosthetics.

Additionally, Movie News Guide stated in its article that Avengers: Infinity War, will not just be limited to Avengers on Earth. The movie is also reported to also include other heroes like Guardians of the Galaxy. In an unplanned way, they will be clashing against the mad titan.

There will be a lot of heroes residing on Earth when the war actually breaks out. Out of all the heroes in all sizes and shaped there is still a tendency that they will end up fighting each other before having unity. Also, MCU has been known for creating, this time around the fans can also anticipate clashes before heroes unite.

As a matter of fact, Vin Diesel himself, who voices Groot, formerly exposed a hint some time back. Based on his statement, there is a likelihood that his character will go up in contrary to the most prevailing hero ever, Hulk.

The Avengers: Infinity War will start shooting from April this year and there will be a lot of casting calls for extras, body-doubles, stand-ins are being called by the Marvel studio. Moreover, it was very recent when a list of actors starring in the film has been made available.