Now that 2017 is here, Doctor Who fans are all excited for Series 10 and they would be delighted to know that it has lots of surprises in store. It is likely that the sci-fi TV show would make a crossover with James Bond.

Executive producer Steven Moffat has said that he would love to see Doctor Who meeting Agent 007, reports The Bitbag. He said that he is running out of Christmases to do a James Bond themed Doctor Who. Moffat wants more crossovers in the future and also revealed the consequences of the two heroes meeting each other.

According to him, James Bond and Doctor Who would not get on at all but Bond may take a liking towards the assistant of the Doctor. In his words, he would shag his assistant. As for the events that would lead to the meeting of the two heroes, it is said that James Bond may actually be another Time Lord, claims Digital Spy.

This is because it would be easy for him to be on the show with that specified portrayal. Still, some are apprehensive since the spy agent has been played by so many veteran characters, there are doubts in the minds of people as to how would he fit in with the BBC show. However, his physical features have changed so many times that it would not be shocking to see him turn as an alien.

As for the coming season, it would most likely revolve around the story of Doctor and Nardole who are working together with a character somewhere in New York City. Doctor Who Series 10 would also feature Capaldi going back as the Twelfth Doctor. Mackie would replace Jenna Coleman to portray the role of a Time Lord's companion.

Also, it is said that the show could mark a new beginning in its tenth season as new companion enters into the TARDIS. It is worth mentioning here that Doctor Who is one of the most popular TV shows in recent times and the thrill is going to get higher with the next season as the previous episodes have shocked the viewers with the way they dealt with the lives of lead characters.

Doctor Who Series 10 returns in April 2017 on BBC.