In another exciting development for alien enthusiasts and UFO hunters, a mysterious bright light was spotted in the skies above Sheffield City Centre, sparking curiosity that it was a UFO spacecraft moving across the sky.

The footage of the said UFO has created a frenzy with some viewers questioning if it had come from Mars, reports The Mirror. The captured video shows a mysterious bright light flying over the midlands a few days after Christmas.

It was shot early in the morning on Dec. 27 by a CCTV camera located at the University of Sheffield and ever since the video was posted on YouTube under the title UFO in Sheffield and it has gathered more than 10,000 views.

Notably, the camera has been set up on the premises to monitor peregrines in their nestbox that is located at the top of the university's St. George church lecture theater. What is interesting is that a bird has been also captured in the UFO footage but at around 7:18 a.m. the camera caught something else passing across the sky.

According to social media user, Wendy Bartter, the camera did catch a UFO and other viewers also agree. However, one questioned if it could be from Mars. Some also said that it could be a flying airplane with lights on moving towards the camera. One also slammed the video saying that they should stop posting stupid videos of nothing.

Well, incidents of UFOs getting captured by cameras are nothing new and it has occurred multiple times in different parts of the UK and the USA. Some incidents have been also reported from other corners of the world but they are very few in comparison to the sightings made in the two countries.

Though the footages grab attention with their content, the veracity of the claims has been rarely ascertained. This is why it remains to be seen if the Sheffield City Centre sighting would lead to any major breakthrough in the field of UFO discovery. As far as the alien enthusiasts are concerned, they are pretty excited about the video.