‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Spoilers: Season 3 To Get More Exciting; Producer Teases Dramatic Events In Second Half

Fans found out a good number of things in NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 but more exciting stuff lies ahead when the CBS TV series returns after a brief hiatus.

When NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 premiered in September 2016, everyone was missing Agent Brody, played by Zoe McLellan. But gradually the viewers developed a liking for the new FBI agent Tammy Gregorio and the ratings also improved.

Executive producer Brad Kern has said that NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 has been broken into two parts i.e. the cartel and city corruption, reports Travelers Today. He revealed that the end of the Cartel storyline will hand the baton off to the second half which is going to deal with the Navy, Marines and jurisdictional aspects that affect NCIS. Kern also talked about expecting to see twin sides of Sebastian.

According to Kern, Sebastian is both an everyman who allows everyone to imagine themselves as an NCIS agent and to see some lightheartedness in the show too. He added that it will be a lot of him. However, there was no mention of Zoe McLellan and the producer confirmed she is not going to come back to NCIS: New Orleans, claims TV Guide.

Her character Agent Brody has moved on and her return is not going to happen. Notably, Brody's love affair with an agent from Homeland Security created a lot of trouble for NCIS team and tarnished its reputation as he was a traitor. Though audiences miss her dearly, it is highly unlikely that she would return.

Coming back to Kern, he also talked about the romantic angle between LaSalle and Percy. When asked if they would finally stop denying their feelings for each other, he said that the prognosis is good .

And now, that LaSalle is free from burdens and also proven himself desirous of becoming a great partner and father, the tension between him and Percy may finally come out of the shadows and into the light. However, he did not say anything more and only said that viewers would have to stay tuned to see where it ends up finally.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 is returning in 2017 with the second half.

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