Last week, Meghan Markle's family hit the headlines. Her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. got arrested late on Thursday in Grants Pass, Oregon, following a drunken, violent exchange with his girlfriend, Darlene Blount.

Meghan's brother Thomas Markle Jr, 50, was taken in charge by the police. He had been pointing a firearm at Darlene, drunk before he began to fight. Darlene Blount said to the local police that she made a call to 911 before she locked herself up in the bathroom, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Thomas Markle was charged with "menacing, pointing a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon."

Reports say that Meghan had been close to her half-brother, however, she hasn't spoken or seen him much of late, nor has she been in contact with her father, Thomas Markle Sr. Her half-sister Samantha recently told the media that Meghan was always a "self-serving social climber and snob." Recently, Meghan refused to give her father and sister any of the financial help they needed, alleges Samantha.

But earlier this month, Thomas Jr had said his 72-year-old father was "proud" of Meghan's relationship with Harry. He confirmed that Prince Harry and his sister were "very much in love," according to NZ Herald.

When Meghan was born in 1981, Thomas Jr was living with his father, sister Samantha and step-mother Doria in Los Angeles.

Thomas' ex-wife Tracy throws some light on their relationship: "They used to be very close but there has been some separation over the years. The last thing he would want to do is to hurt her."

But now, if and when Meghan does embrace the royal family, she would definitely like to leave behind her own family and their scandalous lives behind.

One person who would not like the headlines is Queen Elizabeth. The matriarch does not like the scandals that are spread by tabloids and gossip magazines anyway. But if she allows her grandson Prince Harry to marry Meghan, she would prefer the Suits actor to leave her family and their rumors behind her.

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