Nokia P1 to Present Snapdragon 835, 22MP Camera and Android Nougat OS [Video]

AMD Global-managed Nokia is blitzing on its comeback trail. The excitement over its upcoming products, however, has induced a bit of complication along the way.

During this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), an item depicting the Nokia 8 has been found at Qualcomm's booth. The sighting immediately becomes an instant hit that projected an upcoming flagship product.

Although the Nokia 8 is not the new device that many are anticipating, the Finland-based tech group remains on course to unravel new handsets this year. In fact, the organization plans to present around seven units for 2017.

One of the rumored items will feature sophisticated components that will rival the best in the mobile industry. Russian news agency Worket has reported that the Snapdragon 835 chip will be integrated into this Nokia product. Apparently, the handset is similar to the Aquos Xx3 unit of Sharp which was released in Japan last year.

With that context in mind, the Nokia P1 emerges as the prime candidate. It is expected that this 5.3-inch smartphone will be running on Android 7.0 Nougat OS with a formidable Snapdragon 835 chip powering the unit.

Carl Zeiss will have a hand in the integration of the device's photo tracker. The rear camera will be sporting a 22.6MP capability.

A couple of storage models will be in place. One will have a 256GB capacity while the other can accommodate 128GB of memory.

A distinct feature for the P1 is its IP57 certification. This means that the handset is protected against water and dust particles.

The forthcoming phone will be equipped with a Quick Charge component. Its battery contains 3,500mAh of energy.

It is likely that the Nokia P1 will be dueling against sophisticated flagships like Apple's iPhone 8, LG's G6 and Samsung's Galaxy S8. A common denominator among these brands is the presence of the 10nm processors.

While the anticipation is high for the AMD Global's product, the attached prices will have a different impact. If the company will push with its $800 and $950 costs for the 128GB and 256GB models, respectively, it is highly likely that Nokia's attempt to re-establish its presence will be mostly uphill.

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