The Apple Watch Series 2 was unveiled at an Apple's event in September 2016, carrying new features like a dual-core processor, water-resistance and a brighter display. Apple Inc. might have introduced a mass of important upgrades on its Apple Watch Series 2, but every device has room for improvement. This makes the tech world probably to eagerly await the launch of the tech giant's next-generation smartwatch, the Apple Watch 3.

A new report says improved battery life will be the main focus of the Apple Watch Series 3, with no major design changes. It is expected that the Watch 3 will look and feel like the present Series 2 watches. Although there are some who reportedly are expecting different straps, a new FaceTime camera and even a circular design.

There could also be no modification to the design, aside from new colors added to the line-up. Apple might consider a new multi-function band. Apparently, Apple recently filed a patent with details of a magnetic wristband for the Apple Watch that offers additional functionality.

Accordingly, the magnetic wristband will feature a band with a set of magnets embedded into it, that will allow the two sides to join together. This means that when worn, the magnets would hold the Apple Watch in place. When the watch is taken off, the new band comes into its own.

Considering the battery life of the upcoming Apple Watch 3, the gadget is not expected to offer a larger battery compared to its predecessor the Apple Watch Series 2. Accordingly, the Apple Watch Series 2 requires a daily charge which is a great embarrassment, considering what rival smartwatch devices are capable of.

A fully-functioning GPS system was also introduced on the Apple Watch Series 2. Present Apple Watch Series 2 users are able to use the GPS on their smartwatch device without the required pairing of a compatible iPhone. A similar wireless connectivity on the company's upcoming Apple Watch 3 would be very interesting.